12 Principles of Agile Adapted – Principle #6

I think the spirit of this is completely appropriate in our world of texting, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.

The most efficient and effective method of 
conveying information to and within a development 
team is face-to-face conversation.

I know I am guilty of relying on texting or Facebook and Instagram to communicate with my family far and wide. I send updates on my family, on my job, etc. I have several old friends and family members who’s voice I have not heard in years, let alone see them in person. And yes, in some cases social media is a blessing for keeping up. No one has time to get together often and no one has time to chat on the phone. However, when it really counts and for the people who really count, it matters.

My brother, my sister-in-law, and my niece and nephew moved to Switzerland about 6 months ago. We’ve done a good job keeping up with each other over WhatsApp and Instagram, but they just came back for a visit and when they showed up at my door I hugged them so hard and I was crying. It surprised me how much I was overcome with emotion in seeing them. It felt like it had been years and not six months. It is the same feeling when I see other friends that flung far. (Becky, Karen, I am talking about both of you.)

The constant contact of social medial makes us underestimate what it means to share physical space with someone we care about. It is unavoidable to some degree, but it is important to remember to actually get together, in person when possible, to make that a priority for staying connected to those you love.

The AgileIRL interpretation of this principle is:

The most efficient, effective and human way to connect to and communicate with loved ones is through face-to-face conversation.

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