12 Principles of Agile Adapted — Principle #2

Looks like I am going in order because I know that’s the kind of person I am, but in the spirit of this principle, I am still reserving the right to deviate. That being said, here’s Principle #2″

Welcome changing requirements, even late in
development. Agile processes harness change for
the customer’s competitive advantage.

Welcoming change and expecting is, to me, one of the keys to Agile. It was what first drew me in when I finally realized there is no perfect project plan and no perfect set of requirements.

In life change can be a lot things from the plan for the day to finding a new job to a new haircut to a welcoming a new baby. Change can be hard and also exciting. If you google it you can find a million quotes about the inevitability and the necessity of change. Accepting this and embracing it are important to keep from stagnating.

We all have our routines and our patterns and our traditions, but I see this principle as a reminder that just because “that’s the way I’ve always done it” is not a good enough reason to not try something new. Being open to small things like a different kind of book than you usually read to big things like moving to a new country bring with the them so many possibilities. I could list so many examples of small, spontaneous decisions that made a huge, positive difference in my life right along side the bigger stuff. Saying “yes” can be magical.

Of course, we all make mistakes too. We choose the wrong path in one way or another, but being open to change means being able to reverse course on those situations as well. Obviously some things are more permanent, but there are always adjustments that can be made even if it is hard to do. You can free yourself by admitting you made a bad change.

So the second principle of AgileIRL is:

Welcome change – big and small. Being open to trying something new has the possibility to make a big positive impact.