Bullet Journaling

I’ve been using, or trying to use, my bullet journal for almost 3 weeks now.  Like any change in routine, it has been really good, but it also has its challenges. And without further ado, I will jump into the bullet points.

The Challenges:

  • Before I got my bullet journal I was using 2 notebooks and I haven’t been able to give either of them up yet so now I am carrying around 3 notebooks. That is at least 1 too many notebooks.
  • At work I tend to use my notebook for notes and to do lists and whatever else I need to write down. My bullet journal is too “fancy” and too specifically organized for that. I fear I will never get away from having at least 2 notebooks
  • I haven’t yet found the future logs to be very useful. Maybe that will come with more time?

The Good:

  • I’ve combined my work and personal life to do lists in my bullet journal and that has definitely made me more efficient. If there’s a small thing on my personal list it is right in front of me when I’m eating lunch or something and I can just get it done instead of forgetting it.
  • This type of journaling provides a delicious sense of accomplishment
  • I’ve gone onto to YouTube and looked at some videos of the really creative things people are doing with their bullet journals. Wow, some people take bullet journals very seriously! While I am not up to design themes for each month or much artwork I have added a few other trackers into my journal and I am enjoying seeing my progress in those areas too

Like any good Agile practitioner, I will keep on refining my process with the bullet journal.

My first goal is to get down to no more than 2 notebooks.

One thought on “Bullet Journaling

  1. musingsfromthesofa

    I’m maintaining two bullet journals, one for home and one for work. I thought about merging them but I like to keep my life compartmentalised. The downside is that I can go days without looking at my home journal.

    I don’t find the future log useful for work, but I really do for home. I do use my work journal for random notes (which I don’t always index) and I keep a daily to do list running from the back of the notebook, so I can always find it easily. Mine is not all that creative, but it is always colourful because I have this – https://www.amazon.co.uk/STABILO-Point-88-Fineliner-Rollerset/dp/B000WGWJL0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1501269944&sr=8-4&keywords=stabilo+pens 🙂

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