Summer Kanban – Week 1

I created the board very simply using posterboard, tape and, of course, Post-it notes. My daughter, Zoe, was much more receptive to this entire idea than I thought she would be which really pleased me. We sat down together and came up with some tasks for the To Do section.  It was one task per Post-it so we repeated a few like “Go for a run.” The tasks were a mix of school work (summer math, reading, etc.), chores, and workouts to help her meet her fitness goals.

Here’s how our board looked on Sunday:


I reviewed the “rules” with Zoe and my husband, Rob, on Sunday. Because I was heading out of town on Sunday night, they were going to have to manage the board while I was gone.  I asked them to send me pictures each day and when I got home on Wednesday night we talked about the progress.  I was happy to see that they had mostly followed the plan.

As expected Zoe selected too many tasks on the first day so she was unable to complete them all. Day 2 was smooth and everything moved from Doing Today to Done. On Wednesday night I noticed there were a couple of items stuck in the Doing Today column so I asked Zoe about them. She said it was raining during the time she set aside for weeding so she was unable to complete that task. I agreed that was reasonable so we indicated that task was blocked. I’m not sure why she was blocked on cleaning her room, but as a parent of a teenage girl, I’m just glad that one got moved over at all.  I’ll let it linger a bit.



  • Overall it has been a successful first week.  As you can see in the Done column, a lot of things made it there which made me happy. I didn’t nag Zoe and I think that made her happy.
  • She did not regularly finish all the tasks for a given day for various reasons – some unavoidable, some avoidable.  I believe potential velocity is something that needs to assessed on a daily basis.
  • I intend to do a short retrospective on the activity with her tomorrow and I’ll publish her point of view next.

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