Agile In Real Life

Hello and welcome.

Let me introduce myself: I am a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional and passionate Agilist. I’ve been using agile methodologies at work for over 6 years and have seen how it leads to better results from happier teams. Frankly it has been a life-changer in my career and I am quite evangelical. I currently work as a Product Manager and lead 2 Scrum teams and serve as and Agile Coach for my teams and a few others in the organization.

In addition to being a Product Manager and Agile Coach at work, I am the mother of a a very active teenager. She is a multi-sport athlete who also attends a special program for science as part of her school day. Both my husband and I have full-time jobs and on most days she needs to get somewhere, get home and get homework done.

A few years ago as my daughter’s activities and homework both increased it occurred to me that some Agile principles could be applied at home to make things easier to manage and to also make my family happier and more efficient.

The purpose of this blog is to share my real-world use of Agile principles both at work and in my home life and hopefully pass along some helpful ideas.